The Krishna Ranch

Krishna Ranch is owned by Dinesh and Francine Jain. Dinesh, a local from Udaipur, has been working with horses from when he was 15 years old. He started to work in the tourist line in the early 90’s. It is there where he met Francine, from the Netherlands. Francine is a cultural anthropologist. She become his wife in 1999 and in 2000 their son Martin was born.

In 1997 they bought some land in the beautiful Aravalli mountains near Udaipur to realize their dream of establishing a horse-farm.

Slowly they developed the farm, starting with only 3 horses and no buildings at all. During the years they have planted hundreds of trees, prepared the soil for agriculture and built cottages and stables. Now, they are the proud owners of 14 beautiful Marwari horses and a large farm with 6 cottages and spacious stables. The horse-safaris and treks have become very popular especially to explore rural India.


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