Social Sustainability to Revive Culture and Vanishing Traditions

One can’t imagine that a technological savy engineer by profession, can run a social enterprise successfully in the field of Art and Culture. Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, a graduate of IIT not only runs Banglanatak dot com successfully, but also has brought about a radical change in the lives of millions of artists by providing them a sustainable livelihood.

He established a social enterprise called Banglanatak dot com in the year 2000. The main focus of Banglanatak dot com is to bring changes in the lives of underdeveloped and marginalized communities across East Indian villages using culture as a development tool. The enterprise was incepted with the vision to utilize underlying potential of intangible cultural heritage of Indians providing livelihood oppourtunities to rural and tribal communities rich in oral traditions, performing arts, traditional craftsmanship, but lacking formal education and to safeguard intangible cultural heritage as a means of sustainable livelihood.

UNESCO HQ has appreciated the methodology, and accredited banglanatak dot com with the status of global advisor to its ICH committee.

Banglanatak dot com has developed cultural Tourism circuits in the areas of rich traditional heritage and also set up resource centres at all these places, trained village artists communities to run heritage tourism trails catering to patrons, researchers and tourists. …

Their initiative got an impetus, when the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre with the support from Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India took Banglanatak dot com as NGO partner for West Bengal to design and implement “folk revival and revitalization project”.

And the other activities include conducting baseline study to identify artists of folk art forms, forming self help groups and bank linkage for all groups, organizing guru shishya parampara based training for all, supporting groups with costumes and instruments, and providing assistance in all possible ways, organizing folk festival & research and process documentation.

Outcome of their efforts resulted in enhancing income for folk artists, worldwide recognition of local art, reviving and preserving culture of a bygone era.


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