Rich Cultural Heritage of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a southern state of India which has a very rich cultural heritage, amazing beaches and hills, ancient history and is full of vibrant colors. Known to be one of the oldest civilisations in the world, majority of the people of Tamil Nadu belong to the Dravidian culture, one of the earliest natives of India.

Tamil Nadu is often visited for its beautiful monuments that depict skills and excellence of the artisans of former times. One fine characteristic of ancient architecture here is that the temples have towering gopurams and are adorned with rock-cut inscriptions. Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Tirunelveli and Madurai are gemlike when it comes to heritage and history. Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple is an iconic structure, with neat detailing in its carving and the right scheme of color.

Mahabalipuram’s Shore Temples, especially its rathas (chariots) have a magnetic pull that attracts hundreds of pilgrims. Also, finest specimens of Dravidian architecture, the temples built by the erstwhile Chola rulers hold a high esteem in Tamil Nadu’s heritage and history.

The state has been celebrated for its excellent stone carvings since the starting of the ancient history of India. The remnants of stone carvings, granite figures and similar such statues that were found at the time of excavation from the archeological site, all earn a special remark. Today Chingleput and Mamallapuram are the two places where granite carvings can be seen.

• Tamil Nadu is the cultural capital of India.
• Five UNESCO declared world heritage sites.
• Well connected roads and 4 international airports.
• Chennai is one of the best music centres in India.

Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu are a stamp of the rich cultural heritage of India. Bharatnatyam is the official dance form of Tamil Nadu, recognized all over India and the world. It’s a complicated dance form with subtle moves of body parts and expressions.

Some of the heritage buildings like Chettinad Mansions are unutilised. The unique architecture, expansive courtyards, intricate woodwork, peaceful ambience and delicious cuisine are all great tourist attractions. Some of the Chettinad Mansions are now converted into heritage hotels.

Tourists, particularly foreigners, have a special liking for Tamil Nadu because of its art, culture, architecture, traditional crafts, cuisine etc. The festivals, particularly, the music and dance festivals during December to February attract a large number of foreign tourists. Tamil Nadu’s traditional food, particularly in Chettinad, Madurai, Tirunelveli and Kongu regions provide a varied taste.

The magnificent temples, the lofty hills of the Nilgiri ranges, the azure waters of the sea, the lovely golden beaches are all there for you to explore in your tour to Tamil Nadu. In addition, there are as many as 5 national parks and 17 wildlife sanctuaries where you can witness amazing wildlife.

The culture of Tamil Nadu is best in the heritage of India. Unique in its own way, it represents an artistic expression of the fabulous Tamil culture.


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