Our publication, Travel Responsibly & Sustainably encapsulates stories, articles and interviews of best case practices.

We are publishing a sustainable travel guide, Travel Responsibly & Sustainably which will be distributed to all the important visiting delegates: top notch officials from UNWTO and other international agencies like SKAL, WTTC, etc., top notch tour operators, media house editors etc. Thousands of copies will be distributed to who’s who of the industry.

The investment is very minimal, the advantages are multiple. As the content of the sustainable travel guide is of very relevance and importance to the visiting delegates as their core interest is in this area. The Sustainable travel guide will therefore be used more as a resource material than as an average magazine or other publication.

Thousands of copies will be distributed in operators in large European travel shows like ITB BERLIN and in a US show. Thousands of copies will also be sent directly to CEOs. Presidents, Founders of large Indian multinational companies.

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