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Vidya Rattan Sharma - Solve Age-Old Problems
Vidya Rattan Sharma, a familiar name in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh, started his life journey as a cook... READ MORE
They Have Saved more then 1000s of Animals & educated people about wildlife.
They Have Saved 12 Leopard Cubs, 1000s of Other Animals & educated 20,000 people about wildlife..... READ MORE
Meet the Man Who Has Been Expanding Tiger Habitats. He Even Got a New Sanctuary Declared!
Recently, 2,400 sq km (240,000 ha) of forests were included into the protected area (national parks and wildlife sanctuaries) network of Karnataka state in South India to help connect different protected areas....READ MORE
The Bishnois and their Wildlife Conservation
There is perhaps only one religion in the world that’s founded solely on the principle of conserving the Nature. This religion was founded by the Lord Jambheshwar and is the living religion of the Bishnois of Rajasthan. This religion is over 500 years old, and the followers are over One million. They reside ...READ MORE
Culture Aangan Homestays
Culture Aangan is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting sustainable rural tourism and supporting grass root development projects. Their focus is on both conserving and celebrating cultural traditions, to help stem the migration to the cities. They bring traditional Indian culture to travelers, so that they can experience rural India, off the beaten track but with homely comforts....READ MORE
A Tribal Woman from MP has been Saving Forests since 7 Years...
Ujiyaro bai, a tribal woman from Madhya Pradesh (Central India) has spent several years working for the conservation of forests in the state. She has been leading the residents of Pondi village, inspiring them to do their bit in making sure that the green covers around ... READ MORE
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