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Learn ancient art of weaving and meet the artisans...
Avani works with over 1,100 artisans in 101 villages of two districts. What starts as a training process becomes the way of life for the people who end up being closely associated with Avani... READ MORE
Chambal Safari
The Chambal Safari is an attempt to acquaint visitors with a land that has retained its unique landscapes, rugged charm and rare wildlife....READ MORE
Project Palash gives new
life to tribals
The Sabar tribe of Jharakhand (East India) is an endangered tribal population, once trapped in the maoist zone, is still struggling to beat extreme poverty and underdevelopment....READ MORE
This Young Team Is Enabling Tourists To Turn Into Change Makers In The Himalayas
Avail an opportunity to meet the villagers and work for community good with these young group of travel enthusiasts...
A man singlehandedly created a forest in ASSAM
Jadav Payeng turned a barren sandbar in North East India (Assam) into a lush new forest ecosystem. Thousands of trees, animals ranging from the rhinoceros, tigers to the other inhabitants: rabbits, wild boars, apes, thousands of birds and hundreds of elephants. With meagre income to support his family from selling milk of his buffalo and cow, Molai is unperturbed about his own comforts and continues to work determinedly to make a difference.... READ MORE
Loss of Vision Did Not Stop Him from Rescuing Snakes and Climbing Rocks
When we plan a trip we make sure that we make the most of it – we shop, click pictures, explore the “tourist attractions” and come back.... READ MORE
The young lawyer from Mumbai who revived a highway restaurant run by tribal women in Gujarat
Giving up a fledgling career in Corporate Law, Sunayana K moved to a remote Gujarati village to work with a SHG..... READ MORE
Visit remote villages in the himalayan range, set up solar panels, upgrade schools and more...
The GHE expedition team has created a tangible impact in the lives of people in Ladakh. From running a school with all modern amenities, to generating self sufficiency in electricy with solar panels... READ MORE
Abdul Kareem - The Man Who Planted a Forest
Jean Giono’s 1953 story, ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ tells the tale of a shepherd named Elzeard Bouffier, who planted trees all along an Alpine Valley to recreate a desolate forest.... READ MORE
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