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The Mountain Shepherds Initiative
A community-owned and operated ecotourism company that grew out of the famous Nanda Devi Campaign for cultural survival and sustainable livelihoods....
Practicing The Age Old Vedic Concepts Of Sustainable Developopment
Civilizations have changed, Emperors have gone, new era has been herald and in this wave of massive transformation, the pastoral community of Rajasthan (locally called Raika) still believe in old practices of livelihood inspired by the Vedic concept of sustainable development....READ MORE
Banglanatak Dot Com : Social Sustainability To Revive Culture & Vanishing Traditions
one can’t imagine that a technological savy engineer by profession, can run a social enterprise successfully in the field of Art and Culture....READ MORE
Conservation Of Turtles & The Kindness Farm
Participate in the Olive Riddley Turtles conservation program. If you are not able to, take a look at the Kindness Farm (over thousands of animals are rescued and rehabilitated)... READ MORE
Upliftment of Local Art & Culture
At the entrance of the staunch Rajput style fort, you may find women busy doing embroidery, pottery, weaving and block printing, this is a scene of Chandelao. All these activities were once at the verge of extinction and now are revitalized and patronized by the erstwhile feudal and present hotelier, Pradhuman Singh. Mr. Singh who is an avid lover of local Art and Craft took over the challenge to promote folk crafts using tourism..... READ MORE
Devra Hospitality (Udaipur)
A barren land, 2 committed people from principalities of the oldest serving dynasties of the world, Mewar and Marwar with a fervour to take forward the legacy of long history and culture and 22 years of hard work, today, Devra Hospitality is located in a land with plenty of green cover.... READ MORE
How Volunteers from 50 Countries Transformed 70 Acres of Arid Land into a Lush Forest in Puducherry
Volunteers from over 50 countries have joined forces to change a 70 acre arid land into a lush forest.... READ MORE
Dapoli Campaign on Ban Plastic Carry Bags
Dapoli’s example of doing away with plastic carry bags and minimizing the use of plastic items is likely to be replicated by local self-government bodies across the state.... READ MORE
Himalayan Adventure Sports & Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA)
Get on to adventurous biking tour that creates a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the lives of villagers in the Himalayas with HASTPA ... READ MORE
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