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Organic Retreat in Sikkim
Almost 20 years ago, when a young Swiss student made her way to the Tibetan Buddhism Centre in San Francisco, little did she know that her life was going to be altered forever. Helen Kamph, then in her mid-twenties,.... READ MORE
Kipepeo—Promoting Responsible Tourism in the North East
The North East India on the one hand has the mighty Brahmaputra River and on the other, the Khangchendzonga peak. This region represents the traditional zone between the Indian,.... READ MORE
Trip to the Unique Village in Corbett National Park
Patlidun is a Kumaoni village in the Uttarakhand sitting atop a ridge overlooking a narrow forested valley. The village is 33 km from Ramnagar, the rail head for Corbett National Park..... READ MORE
Artistic Work in Heritage Village
The iconic village of Raghurajpur in Puri district (state of Odisha, East India) is home to over 300 artists who are still actively practicing traditional forms of painting and dance while keeping pace with the digital age.... READ MORE
The Orchha Homestay
The Orchha Homestay gives you a chance to delve deep into India. If you wish to get away from the beaten track of commercial tourism and actually experience life in an ordinary Indian family, it can help you do so. They want tourism to.... READ MORE
Sustainable Development By Villagers
A very obscure village in the foothills of Melghat region of Amravati district in Maharashtra (West India), Payvihir, has set an example for the country by consistently showing how.... READ MORE
Transformation of a Barren Land to a Wildlife Sanctuary
Pamela and Anil Malhotra bought 55 acres of land 23 years ago, and today they have converted it into a beautiful forest of over 300 acres. Here’s how SAI Sanctuary, the only private wildlife.... READ MORE
Serene Eco Village
Drive down 45 km southwest from the city of Pune (Maharashtra, West India) and you will see a beautiful man-made forest in the Sahyadri range. But when Dr. Pravin Chordia bought this property in the year 2000, it was.... READ MORE
Tikuli Art Form Helping Womens in Bihar to Earn Livelihoods
India’s multiple indigenous art forms are more than just windows into the country’s rich culture and history. Often, they are also important source of livelihood and an empowerment.... READ MORE
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