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Shopping in Shekhawati
Shekhawati region is quiet known for its handicraft works. Amongst the numerous handicrafts, the traditional mural paintings of Shekhawati are quite popular. You will find some amazing paintings to use as decoration pieces for your home or even take back as gifts. Especially, the frescos painted on paper and cloth are truly amazing.

Apart from the low legged Shekhawati chair that is hugely famous, other items of interest are wood carving, metal utensils, made -as-old furniture, and tie-dye fabrics.
Individually looking, Mukundgarh is known for beautiful textiles, brass and iron scissors; Mandawa for bangles and fabrics and Ramgarh for wooden craft and furnitures.

You can go shopping in various emporia and private shops that are present almost in every market. Also, you can go to the various tourist destinations in the city, where many local artisans erect roadside stalls. You can even bargain a little in these stalls. Shopping in Shekhawati definitely proves to be a pleasant experience for its visitors.
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