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Animal conservation, afforestation, upkeep of erstwhile Royal art & culture...
Gajendra Singh Chouhan and Shanane Davis founded Gajendra Shanane By Royal Appointment for the conservation, preservation, education and commerce in India's erstwhile royal and aristocratically-appointed fine and decorative luxury accessories and arts. Gajendra Shanane By Royal Appointment salon and research facility for the luxury arts is located at Jog Niwas Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. http://www.gajendrashanane.com/

Gajendra Singh Chouhan is the Managing Director of True Luxury Tours and is a direct descendant of the famous Rajput King Prithviraj Chouhan III. Chouhan and his family are heavily into the patronage of the last remaining master erstwhile court artisans of India. Chouhan is a master in the translation of ancient Rajput manuscripts and translated all text and documents for the book, The Bikaner School---Usta Artisans and their Heritage. His passions and talents include wildlife protection, photography, designing and manufacturing Luxury Couture handbags, drawing, astrology, numerology and textile collections.

Shanane Davis directs at True Luxury Tours and loves to create authentic local travelling experiences for guests. Her passions and enterprises include the patronage and support for the endangered rarest luxury arts of India. Davis designs many luxury mediums in textiles, precious and hard-stones and creates rare perfumes. Davis is author of the India art history book, The Bikaner School---Usta Artisans and their Heritage. Davis is an avid supporter of protecting India's traditional cultures and for safeguarding the last remaining wild areas of India. Her hobbies include wildlife protection, reading, writing, the collection of Indian Luxury fine and decorative arts, and training artists and artisans to produce exceptional art.

True Luxury Tours helps in protecting and conserving eco-systems that previously were unprotected and to follow responsible and sustainable tourism practices. They established the first privately owned and operated Wildlife Sanctuary in India: the Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary. They also implemented a policy in 2005 that ensures the protection, survival, and growth of the rare eco-system.
They set-up a large privately funded program to accomplish their policy that included educating local villagers on the destruction they were causing by cutting trees and allowing their cattle and goats to roam freely in the sanctuary area.

Thanks to their efforts, the number of sightings and births of rare animals has increased dramatically.

On a day to day basis, the flora and fauna of the Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary is audited to better understand how best to ensure the survival of the extraordinary species found there.

A watering system that is rich in nutrients and oxygen and makes water available for all wildlife species year round. The water is flushed out every month to ensure it stays healthy for all animals to drink. Indigenous aquatic plants are submerged in the water to keep the nutrients and oxygen levels high so frogs, snails and other aquatic life will produce in and around the watering holes. This watering system was built to look completely natural in its surroundings. Watering holes have different depths, allowing smaller wildlife such as jungle bees, etc., but also larger ones such as Leopards and Gazelle to easily drink without muddying the water.

True Luxury Tours have also purchased, planted, re-forested and maintained two-thousand indigenous trees and plants that have been planted in the areas of traditional forest cover inside the Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary.
Website: http://www.trueluxurytours.com/
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