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Jawai at One!
Jawai was born out of a determined and pioneering spirit to create an establishment that wedded best eco-tourism practises with spoiling luxury to one of the remotest corners of rural Rajasthan. In May 2014, Jawai, five months into operations, the Camp was already on the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List which said, “There are now quite a few sophisticated safari lodges and camps in India, but none comes close to Jawai for extraordinary wildlife encounters”. In June, the CNBC-Awaaz award for the Best Wildlife Experience in India was presented to Jawai for 2014.
Sujan, the organisation behind Jawai, with strong determination and resolve opened the camp in record time. Now, Sujan is looking at another project in the heart of Rajasthan Godwar region.

Relations with local communities are based on mutual admiration, benefit and trust, built over a year. Over 80 per cent of the staff at Jawai are local lads, who earn an income at their doorsteps rather than slogging away for years in a distant and unforgiving metropolis. On their days off, they still assist their families in their farms and with their herds. They have now an additional talent that has honed their natural proclivity for hospitality into a professional skill.

The SNS Foundation, the CSR arm of Sujan is already active in the area working on cleaning villages, planning veterinarian services for local cattle and working out exigencies for other projects to bring benefits ¬- economic and educational to the region.

The guest experience at Jawai continues to grow more diverse by the month.
Apart from game drives and wildlife Sujan has introduced hiking, mountain-cycling, yogic exercises and a chance to observe and even participate in the lives of our local communities. At Camp, plantation of indigenous grasses and trees at a zealous pace has meant the bird life is now flourishing in what used to be cattle kralls and wheat fields.
Cameras around the camp have caught some wonderful images of the smaller mammals scurrying about the Camp; including squirrels, hedgehogs, porcupines and the rarely seen Asiatic wildcat on occasion.
Website: http://sujanluxury.com/
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