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Delicious Cuisine of Jaipur
The cuisines of Jaipur in peculiar is influenced by the lifestyle of the Maharajas and Maharani (kings and queens) of Jaipur. The lifestyle of the rich people of Jaipur was nowhere less than the lifestyle of other royal people throughout the world. Cuisines of Jaipur include all Rajasthani food which is cooked with pure ghee (a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India). The founder of Jaipur, Maharaja Jai Singh was a king who lived his whole life in dignity and pure honuor. And thus, the same can be experienced in the cuisines of Jaipur as well.

Most of the delicacies in the food and dining of Jaipur include vegetarian specialties. Also, Jaipur is even renowned for its high quality sweets. The authentic food items available in Jaipur are tasty, healthy and inexpensive as well. One of the most popular items is Dal Bati Churma. Dal means lentils, bati means a baked wheat ball, and churma is basically a sweetened & powdered cereal. Ghewar is a delicious sweet in Jaipur. Dal ki Kachoudi is the next famous food item of Jaipur. The best breakfast item that you get in Jaipur is Jalebi with Kachoudi. Mogar, Kalmi bada, sev, choula and many other salty munchies are also very famous in Jaipur. Tinde ki sabzi, Kadhi, gate ki sabzi, matar paneer, mirchi ki pakori etc are also some of the famous vegetables of Jaipur that are prepared by using an assortment of spices. Heaps of oil or butter is used in preparing these vegetable dishes. The Jaipur curries are mouth-watering and the taste of these curries is also unique from other curries that are prepared in other states. Jaipur endows quite a lot of varieties of sweet dishes such as, gilebdar petha, gulab sakri and Mishri mawa that are mostly prepared with mawa & sugar.

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