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Climate’s First Orphans…
Villagers of Badkot (Eastern part of India) used to watch with fear the river Hansua edging towards their village. At first, the banks of the river, then the agricultural fields, houses. Inch by inch, the river would swallow them all. Their neighboring village Khirakot was devoured by the river Hansua. But not anymore. APOWA has come forward to help and facilitate these communities to create a new mangrove forest around their village.

Odisha has been called the disaster capital of India. The coastal areas of Odisha are counted amongst the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and extreme events. The combined effects of sea-level rise, increased frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones, storm surges, soil erosion, and salinity intrusion pose a serious threat. Many of these coastal communities witness the gradual disappearance of their homes, agricultural lands, and assets into the bottomless belly of the adjoining Bay of Bengal. Aptly described as ‘Climate’s First Orphans,’ they have been left to fend for themselves in these hostile and uncertain conditions. But not anymore… APOWA has come forward to help and facilitate these communities to create a new mangrove forest around their village. The people are not only planting mangroves to protect their land, houses, properties from river erosion, but are also discovering the fact that new mangrove forests are also valuable resources that create economic opportunities.

APOWA (Action for Protection of Wild Animals) - A challenging, constructive, and development organization addresses issues like animal welfare, survival of species and their habitats. Over the years, the perspective has broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of conservation issues facing Odisha (Eastern India) to footprint reduction work related to climate change and natural disaster.
Bijaya Kumar Kabi
I am closely associated with and adhering to the Gandhian principles and taken it as an oath in my life towards commitment and dedication to create a compassionate society, to promote non-violence, peace and harmony. I have been successful in drawing the spontaneity and confidence of the poor and marginalized community for our mission to achieve a complete non-violent, safe and peaceful society not only for the human being for the survival and sustainability of the animals of all kinds, as an inevitable part of natural ecosystem. I am leading a dedicated and hard working team of young community volunteers and helping and helping and helping to create a new youth culture.

One of the most successful campaigns of APOWA has been the conservation of the Olive Ridely Turtles along the banks of the Eastern Coast of Odisha, India. Right from monitoring the nesting of the turtles, protecting the female turtles from predatory hazards, human poachers and other human interferences, right up to the protection of the hatchlings, baby turtles, to their safe rescue in the sea, APOWA does it all…
CDRP Brings a Better Future…
The CDRP (Community Disaster Resilience Programme) being implemented by APOWA brings joy of life to all the vulnerable families in coastal villages. Kitchen garden veggies, animal care, sustainable agricultural training at the villages provides holistic leadership and technical training, improved nutrition and outreach. Families involved receive vegetable seeds, materials, and food.

Over three years, the program has been teaching villagers to grow and eat healthy food from a healthy land while building skills for success in life. The values-based holistic community development approach is a unique and very promising one. Largely led by women, it is locally owned and sustainable.
APOWA has won many awards that places it as one of the most accomplished organizations working to protect the environment. It has also been awarded with “Mahaveer Award”, by Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation, “Prakuti Mitra Award” by Govt of Odisha and “Niramaya Sannman” by International Naturopathy Organizati towards contribution for its noble services for the animal welfare, conservation of nature, development and propagation of naturopathy in the state of Odisha.
Website: www.apowa.org.in

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