Sustainable Development By Villagers
A very obscure village in the foothills of Melghat region of Amravati district in Maharashtra (West India), Payvihir, has set an example for the country by consistently showing how.... READ MORE
Serene Eco Village
Drive down 45 km southwest from the city of Pune (Maharashtra, West India) and you will see a beautiful man-made forest in the Sahyadri range. But when Dr. Pravin Chordia bought this property in the year 2000, it was.... READ MORE
Amazing Family Who Saved Hundreds Of Wild Animals
Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife Dr. Mandakini Amte have an unusual way of living. They have set up a wild animal asylum in their courtyard. This couple have spent decades changing the lives of the local community in Hemalkasa, Maharashtra,..... READ MORE
Meet the Man with Cerebral Palsy Who Is Fighting to Save Tigers
Hans Dalal was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder caused due to brain malformation in the early stages of birth. The disorder affected his movement; he only learned to walk at the age of six and even then, found it difficult to maintain his balance and move freely. He also developed severe speech impairment....
Culture Aangan Homestays
Culture Aangan is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting sustainable rural tourism and supporting grass root development projects. Their focus is on both conserving and celebrating cultural traditions, to help stem the migration to the cities. They bring traditional Indian culture to travelers, so that they can experience rural India, off the beaten track but with homely comforts.... READ MORE
Remarkable Indian villages
India, having an agro-based economy, depends the most on its villages for growth. The gaon always has that distinct nostalgic charm that Indians alone can understand. Sarson ke khet , tea plantations, mud houses, clean air, charpaai , mitti , star-lit sky; these are just some of the happy things that we associate with life in an Indian village.... READ MORE

The Village with no locks or doors!

Imagine a village where homes have no front doors, shops are always left unlocked and locals never feel unsafe...READ MORE
Dapoli Campaign on Ban Plastic Carry Bags
Dapoli’s example of doing away with plastic carry bags and minimizing the use of plastic items is likely to be replicated by local self-government bodies across the state.... READ MORE
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