Jharkhand Villagers Converted an Entire Wasteland into a Forest
Back in 2010, residents of Jharkhand’s Hesatu village were sharing their worries about the wastelands in their area. During the discussion, someone proposed growing a forest.... READ MORE
Jharkhand Village Walls Depicting Tribal Life by Madhubani Murals
The walls of houses in Jharkhand’s (East India) Chandidih village are proud galleries displaying Madhubani masterpieces woven with everyday stories, thanks to Udbhav, a community art project..... READ MORE
Project Palash gives new
life to tribals
The Sabar tribe of Jharakhand (East India) is an endangered tribal population, once trapped in the maoist zone, is still struggling to beat extreme poverty and underdevelopment....READ MORE
Transforming the lives of tribal women through Lac
Socially excluded households from rural areas have very limited opportunities to improve their livelihoods. They are inhibited by their socio-economic status, their small and underproductive landholdings as well as the pronounced lack of systems that permit access to inputs, credit or market services.....
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