Artistic Work in Heritage Village
The iconic village of Raghurajpur in Puri district (state of Odisha, East India) is home to over 300 artists who are still actively practicing traditional forms of painting and dance while keeping pace with the digital age.... READ MORE
Project Palash gives new
life to tribals
The Sabar tribe of Jharakhand (East India) is an endangered tribal population, once trapped in the maoist zone, is still struggling to beat extreme poverty and underdevelopment....READ MORE
The young lawyer from Mumbai who revived a highway restaurant run by tribal women in Gujarat
Giving up a fledgling career in Corporate Law, Sunayana K moved to a remote Gujarati village to work with a SHG..... READ MORE
Banglanatak Dot Com : Social Sustainability To Revive Culture & Vanishing Traditions
one can’t imagine that a technological savy engineer by profession, can run a social enterprise successfully in the field of Art and Culture....READ MORE
Jaipur Rugs: A Gargantuan Feat of Logistical Finesse
Village rug weavers took a lot of risk and received little pay. These weavers had to purchase the handloom, source raw materials and find buyers for their products. Jaipur Rugs Company set out to launch a simple business model, cut out the exploitative middlemen who paid so little for the weavers’ rugs and thereby give the weavers a greater share of rug industry earnings... READ MORE
Restoration of Heritage Monuments and Palaces
Jaisalmer is an 800 year old mercantile town in the Thar desert that stood strategically on the trade route from central Asia and beyond ... READ MORE

Animal conservation, afforestation, upkeep of erstwhile Royal art and culture...
Gajendra Singh Chouhan and Shanane Davis founded Gajendra Shanane By Royal Appointment for the conservation, preservation, education and commerce in India's erstwhile royal and aristocratically-appointed fine and decorative luxury accessories and arts.... READ MORE
Upliftment of Local Art & Culture
At the entrance of the staunch Rajput style fort, you may find women busy doing embroidery, pottery, weaving and block printing, this is a scene of Chandelao. All these activities were once at the verge of extinction and now are revitalized and patronized by the erstwhile feudal and present hotelier, Pradhuman Singh. Mr. Singh who is an avid lover of local Art and Craft took over the challenge to promote folk crafts using tourism..... READ MORE
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