Devra Hospitality in Udaipur

A barren land, 2 committed people from principalities of the oldest serving dynasties of the world, Mewar and Marwar with a fervour to take forward the legacy of long history and culture and 22 years of hard work, today, Devra Hospitality is located in a land with plenty of green cover.

Devra Udaipur, a boutique home stay is a perfect case of responsible tourism. Mostly local material has been used in the construction. One block is made out of local stone, lime & mortar. The practices followed at Devra are an example of conservation of culture, nature and environment.

You may even call it a mixed blend of eco-tourism and sustainable development of surroundings.

Maj. Durga Das is a founder honorary secretary of WWF (India) Udaipur Chapter and nominated as Honorary Wildlife Warden for Udaipur, by Government of Rajasthan. Under the nurturing of his grandfather he developed a keen sense of nature conservation.

Maj. Durga Das & Jyoti Jasol have achieved a perfect blend of past & modernity with a vision for future.

At Devra you see a number of different local, resident & migratory birds visiting in all seasons. It is a result of a plantation of right mix of grass, local shrubs & seasonal fruit trees. Sighting of animals like jackals, hyenas, mongoose, civet cats, jungle cats, wild boars and occasionally leopard and python is possible in the vicinity.

At Devra farming is done under strict supervision to ensure organic farm produce. Devra has a dairy which provides fresh milk and its products. Seasonal vegetables, local pulses, wheat, corn and fruits are grown here.

Kitchen waste is recycled. Roti and bread is cooked on open fire wood stove. Wood is available from yearly pruning of trees.

Energy conserving bulbs are used. Solar energy options are explored to go fully solar.

Cow dung and sweet soil paste is used at all open spaces.

Devra is committed to the best environmental practices and is continuously evolving after receiving guest’s suggestions.

There is a 1000 years old temple of Bhainronji (local name) which is re-incarnation of lord Shiva. Every Saturday there is a service in the temple done by a village priest Bhopa (local name) along with five more villagers, where you can witness undiluted nomadic way of worship with time old local rituals. At Devra this cultural tradition is conserved and given full support to retain it in its original form.

Skilled and unskilled employment generated here is a big help to the local village.

For the past 15 years Devra has adopted the local village Government Primary School. Where in Devra has been supporting the school with creation of better civic facilities. Running water is provided by having a tube well with water tank supply. Every class room has been provided with furniture. Two computers have been given to the school. New land has been acquired for the school to build a bigger and better school.


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