Conservation of Turtles and The Kindness Farm

Participate in the Olive Riddley Turtles conservation program. If you are not able to, take a look at the Kindness Farm (over thousands of animals are rescued and rehabilitated)…

Turtle is just a small creature or reptile for the majority, but for Pradeep Nath, who has spent his entire life in fighting for the cause of turtles and many other animals since decades singlehandedly, it is a life time mission. Pradeep is an individual who has raised himself beyond the thresholds of a mere human being and sacrificed his life for the causes of animals and their rights in particular, the sea turtle (Oliver Riddley turtles).

Since his childhood, he helped stray and distressed animals.

He learnt from the fishermen that sea turtles come to the shore, he used to watch how fishers hunt for the eggs, how the babies are sold on plates in markets, how the adults are killed and all the while this was thought to be legitimate. But this did not go down well in his mind and soul, and thus, started the incredible journey of his fight for the rights of the sea turtles and other animals. Pradeep now runs an organization, VSPCA with only few volunteers.

The start was not easy and Pradeep faced innumerable hurdles. The major hindrances were availability of finance, skilled people who could handle the campaign more professionally, human intrusion on coastal areas which hurt the top layers of eggs, unskilled way of fishing, etc.

He understood the gravity of the situation and started work to save the sea turtles. He educated locals, held meetings, put up posters at all vintage points, distributed brochures in the local language and used religious angle to overcome superstitions, and further employed locals as sea turtle protection force.

With the passage of time his work started getting recognition. After being ignored for 11 odd years, he finally successfully compelled forest officials to come forward to do a joint project with VSPCA. He trained forest officials in turtle preserving techniques and with collective efforts they started sponsoring sea turtles conservation program in many areas. He also took help of legal canopy to necessitate the Government’s role. Of course, the journey has been incredible including several threats to his life. He is still working with the same zeal and gusto for the conservation of wild life and the world of animals.

VSPCA now offers tours and itineraries as part of its responsible tourism commitment, not only to sensitize the tourists in the areas of endangered animals and animals’ rights but also generate revenues to further the causes and commitment to the animals.

New Initiatives:

New shelter for cats: To protect and house the cats. Ample space and amenities have been provided for the cats to jump around and also hide in different hideouts. It is a very amazing experience for a tourist to see this.

Kindness farms: To protect and save cows, buffaloes, horses, even wild animals! The plantations and the other activities in the farm have been meticulously planned keeping in the mind the needs of the environment and animals. A very sustainable project.

Vegan meals for the poor.



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